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San Diego Mormon Temple and the Chartres Cathedral in France Essay

San Diego Mormon Temple and the Chartres Cathedral in France The San Diego Mormon Temple bases its architecture on gothic roots; where the epitome of early gothic architecture is the Chartres Cathedral in France. The Mormon Temple is made of white aggregate stone and stucco, very angular and massive, built as a Gothic revival temple. Designed by William Lewis, Jr., the architect took into consideration Mormon temples in Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C. Hugely bulky at the base, the Mormon Temple rises from an enormous mound of earth, that conceals the lower floor. Built for the Mormons residing in Southern California, this temples marks the forty-fifth Mormon temple in the world. However, since its closing to the public in April 1993, only Mormons in "good standing" are now able to enter and use this massive structure. Situated in a suburban community of La Jolla/University City, the 59,000 square foot building is surrounded by shopping centers, residential areas and office buildings. There is no escaping the "angular, white monstrosity's" impact on the city. The gothic/space age temple capitalizes on an elevated sites that is close to the freeway, where thousands of motorists pass it daily. The original Chartres Cathedral was designed by Fulbert and lasted until 1194, when a fire destroyed almost the entire church. The townspeople pulled together to make a large contribution to the reconstruction of the cathedral (Miller, Malcolm, Chartres Cathedral, Riverside Book Company, 1980, p.5). The present Chartres Cathedral is largely the work of the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries. However, there are substantial remains of older monuments, notably in the crypt and on the wes... .... The rituals and ceremonies that occurred in that time, fit the design of the church. Similarly, the Mormon Temple's unusual shaped rooms and structures fits the uses intended for them by the Latter Day Saints. The San Diego Temple is not by any means a duplicate of the Chartres Cathedral. It merely borrowed some aesthetic features characteristic of the Gothic style of architecture. The Chartres Cathedral can be seen as the bridge between the early to high Gothic periods back in medieval times, a classic. The Mormon Temple, however, is only a conglomeration of architectural elements designed to meet the needs of the Latter Day Saints. It cannot be put in the same class as classical Cathedral of Chartres. The two churches, while both drawing attention to themselves, one does it in a classical way, the other, making a spectacle of itself. href=index.html> back to va11

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Monsoon Wedding And East Is East Film Studies Essay

The ‘ethics of regard ‘ in both movies was coming from different positions. Monsoon Wedding, the regard was an insider and East is East the regard was an foreigner. The professor in the talk spoke about how Monsoon Wedding was about a Punjabi household and the scene was in New Delhi, India, which is a familiar district for Mira Nair, the manager of the movie. This may besides be one of the grounds why Monsoon Wedding has an insider ‘s position to the Indian Punjabi civilization. An illustration of the insider ‘s position is when the nuptials planner/decorator Mr. Dubey fell in love with the artlessness of the amah and the simpleness of her character. This was a small hard for me as a spectator to understand because the construct explored much traditional Indian civilization which a western audience may non be familiar with. This movie shows the positions of secondary characters and the viewing audiences as the others. An illustration of this is, when Aditi â⠂¬Ëœs cousin who has come from a Western state to go to the nuptials, he is shown as ‘out of topographic point ‘ in footings of civilization and ethnicity, which this movie captures attractively through music, linguistic communication, nutrient, idiosyncrasy, and apparels. The film showed many struggles through the emotions of the characters. An illustration of this is when Aditi was acquiring engaged, it was a happy juncture but her facial looks gave away her emotions of unhappiness. This directs the spectator ‘s understandings towards the characters and forces us to mime the emotions by acquiring the audience ‘s empathy. Many of the emotions of the characters are expressed through lighting and camera work. An first-class illustration of this is the scene where Aditi ‘s male parent and female parent go into her room where she is kiping and look at their girl, how grown up she has gotten. This scene was shot at dark, but the lighting and camera captures the male parent and the female parent ‘s facial look in such a elusive manner that the viewing audiences might non detect, but they are emotionally sympathizing with the male parent. East is East on the other manus was filmed through an foreigner ‘s position. I surely felt that when watching the film because foremost the scene of this film was in England in the seventiess. Second, the secret plan showed the Muslim Pakistani civilization in a satirical manner which I believe may do the position of the film as the foreigner. The professor mentioned in the talk that the construct of ‘the other ‘ is shown as alien and beautiful in East is East. The regard in this movie is of the other and hence all characters are shown as being invariably measured by the viewing audiences. This movie touches upon many sensitive issues such as ethnicity, faith and marginalisation of civilizations. As an immigrant myself in Canada, this film aroused my emotions for all the characters including the male parent. At first when watching the movie, it seemed that the male parent was shown as a negative character, but subsequently on in the film I sympathized with the male parent. That is, he is shown to be torn between two civilizations and keeping on really tightly to each. Issues of individuality are profoundly explored in this movie and are shown a small through each character. The character of the female parent is shown to be really loving and lovingness, this I believe is the lone character which is shown to be impersonal and non in struggle in footings of civilization. An illustration of this is throughout the film, the female parent ‘s character did non confront any personal cultural struggle. Her kids were called ‘half strains ‘ but she was ne'er faced with any direct cultural struggle since she had assimilated in the Pakistani civilization ‘s unhappiness. This in bend directs the spectator ‘s understandings with her and makes her a character that the audience hand clapping for. The camera work, music, costumes and sound effects emphasized the secret plan and helped the audience to the full understand the characters emotions. I peculiarly liked the costumes and music in the scene, when the girl is dancing with the broom. She is have oning the saree but in a manner that is western and listening to an Indian vocal and dance. The audience can non assist but smile because the facial looks of the girl are extracted towards the audience. The camera work and make-up are done attractively for the amusing scene when a household had come to run into the two boies for their girl ‘s matrimony. The girls near ups were nicely shot ; that full scene had good camera work capturing everyone ‘s uncomfortable emotions unusually. To reason, both movies Monsoon Wedding and East is East have showed different positions. The regard in both movies directs the viewing audiences ‘ attending to characters and their emotions. The camera work and proficient facets of the movie helped both Monsoon Wedding and East is East gaining control the narrative and emotions of each character.Mention PageHelfield, Gillian. â€Å" Week 1 – East is East / Monsoon Wedding. † 06-01-2010. Web. 1 Feb 2011. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ; . Mira, Nair, Dir. Monsoon Wedding. 2001, Film. O'Donnell, Damien, Dir. East Is East. 1999, Film.

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The Gray Ghost Colonel John Singleton Mosby

Born December 6, 1833, in Powhatan County, VA, John Singleton Mosby was the son of Alfred and Virginny Mosby. At the age of seven, Mosby and his family moved to Albemarle County near Charlottesville. Educated locally, Mosby was a small child and was frequently picked upon, however he rarely backed down from a fight. Entering the University of Virginia in 1849, Mosby proved to be an able student and excelled at Latin and Greek. While a student, he became involved in a fight with a local bully, during which he shot the man in the neck. Expelled from school, Mosby was convicted of unlawful shooting and sentenced to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Following the trial, several of the jurors petitioned for Mosbys release and on December 23, 1853, the governor issued a pardon. During his brief time in jail, Mosby befriended the local prosecutor, William J. Robertson, and indicated an interest in studying law. Reading law at Robertsons office, Mosby was finally admitted to the bar and opened his own practice in nearby Howardsville, VA. Shortly thereafter, he met Pauline Clarke and the two were married on December 30, 1857. Civil War: Settling in Bristol, VA, the couple had two children prior to the outbreak of the Civil War. Initially an opponent of secession, Mosby immediately enlisted in the Washington Mounted Rifles (1st Virginia Cavalry) when his state left the Union. Fighting as a private at the First Battle of Bull Run, Mosby found that military discipline and traditional soldiering were not to his liking. Despite this, he proved an able cavalryman and was soon promoted to first lieutenant and made adjutant of the regiment. As the fighting shifted to the Peninsula in the summer of 1862, Mosby volunteered to serve as a scout for Brigadier General J.E.B. Stuarts famed ride around the Army of the Potomac. Following this dramatic campaign, Mosby was captured by Union troops on July 19, 1862, near Beaver Dam Station. Taken to Washington, Mosby carefully observed his surroundings as he was moved to Hampton Roads to be exchanged. Noticing ships bearing Major General Ambrose Burnsides command arriving from North Carolina, he immediately reported this information to General Robert E. Lee upon being released. This intelligence assisted Lee in planning the campaign that culminated in the Second Battle of Bull Run. That fall, Mosby began lobbying Stuart to allow him to create an independent cavalry command in Northern Virginia. Operating under the Confederacys Partisan Ranger Law, this unit would conduct small, fast-moving raids on the Union lines of communication and supply. Seeking to emulate his hero from the American Revolution, partisan leader Francis Marion (The Swamp Fox), Mosby finally received permission from Stuart in December 1862, and was promoted to major the following March. Recruiting in Northern Virginia, Mosby created a force of irregular troops which were designated partisan rangers. Consisting of volunteers from all walks of life, they lived in the area, blending in with the populace, and came together when summoned by their commander. Conducting night raids against Union outposts and supply convoys, they struck where the enemy was weakest. Though his force grew in size (240 by 1864), it was seldom combined and often struck multiple targets in the same night. This dispersion of forces kept Mosbys Union pursuers off balance. On March 8, 1863, Mosby and 29 men raided the Fairfax County Court House and captured Brigadier General Edwin H. Stoughton while he slept. Other daring missions included attacks on Catlett Station and Aldie. In June 1863, Mosbys command was redesignated the 43rd Battalion of Partisan Rangers. Though pursued by Union forces, the nature of Mosbys unit allowed his men to simply fade away after each attack, leaving no trail to follow. Frustrated by Mosbys successes, Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant issued an edict in 1864, that Mosby and his men were to be designated outlaws and hung without trial if captured. As Union forces under Major General Philip Sheridan moved into the Shenandoah Valley in September 1864, Mosby began operating against his rear. Later that month, seven of Mosbys men were captured and hung at Front Royal, VA by Brigadier General George A. Custer. Retaliating, Mosby responded in kind, killing five Union prisoners (two others escaped). A key triumph occurred in October, when Mosby succeeded in capturing Sheridans payroll during the Greenback Raid. As the situation in the Valley escalated, Mosby wrote to Sheridan on November 11, 1864, asking for a return to the fair treatment of prisoners. Sheridan agreed to this request and no further killings occurred. Frustrated by Mosbys raids, Sheridan organized a specially equipped unit of 100 men to capture the Confederate partisan. This group, with the exception of two men, was killed or captured by Mosby on November 18. Mosby, promoted to colonel in December, saw his command rise to 800 men, and continued his activities until the end of the war in April 1865. Unwilling to formally surrender, Mosby reviewed his men for the last time on April 21, 1865, before disbanding his unit. Postwar: Following the war, Mosby angered many in the South by becoming a Republican. Believing that it was the best way to help heal the nation, he befriended Grant and served as his presidential campaign chair in Virginia. In response to Mosbys actions, the former partisan received death threats and had his boyhood home burned down. In addition, at least one attempt was made on his life. To help protect him from these dangers, Grant appointed him as US Consul to Hong Kong in 1878. Returning to the US in 1885, Mosby worked as a lawyer in California for the Southern Pacific Railroad, before moving through a variety of governmental posts. Last serving as Assistant Attorney General in the Department of Justice (1904-1910), Mosby died in Washington DC on May 30, 1916, and was buried at Warrenton Cemetery in Virginia. Sources Civil War Home: John MosbyJohn S. Mosby Biography

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Antigone A Complex, Yet Debatable Play - 1343 Words

Antigone is a complex, yet debatable play, written by Sophocles somewhere around 442 BC (Johnston). Chronologically, it is the third of the three Theban plays, but was the first and also one of the most famous tragedies ever to be written (Sophocles). The setting of the play is set in front of the Palace, Thebes, and Ancient Greece, though most Greek playwrights were from Athens, their plays are hardly ever set there. (Sophocles). It begins with the death of two brothers, Polyneices and Eteocles, each on opposing sides in Thebes ’civil war. They are both killed in battle fighting for the ruling throne. Creon, the king of Thebes, decides it should be Eteocles the one to be honored and Polyneices disgraced by improper burial. The punishment†¦show more content†¦Although there are multiple interpretations as to what drove the play to a tragic end, one that can be viewed as a central conflict in Antigone, is arguably the struggle between the will of her self-reassurance and actions of morality. The play opens with Antigone trying to convince her sister Ismene, during a secret meeting, to help her bury Polyneices body, abusing the king’s law as an act of morality and respect for her sibling. In other words, the text depicts Antigone as the rebellious sister making Ismene appear to be more in favor with the kings ruling. Therefore, Ismene, fearful of the death penalty by King Creon, refuses to help her sister and fails at convincing Antigone of abandoning her rebellious plan as well. As Ismene refuses to carryout out the crime, Antigone replies with â€Å"Let that be your excuse. I’m going now to make a burial mound for my dear brother† (Johnston 99-100). This is where morals are being portrayed as one would want a proper burial for the loss of a loved one. Antigone has that of a men’s physique despising her self-image and is stubborn towards accepting her girlhood. However, it is understood by the reader that Antigone had always been complex, te rrorizing Ismene as a child, always insisting that her sister was beautiful and had a place in acceptance, as for her, she wasn’t destine for such pleasures. By these accusations, the author

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Should Marijuana Be Legal For Recreational Use - 1150 Words

Marijuana, or cannabis, is a drug that has had legalization remain a question in the United States for several years. In countries such as Bangladesh, North Korea, and Uruguay, marijuana is completely legal for recreational use. In America, the states Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska have also legalized recreational use. While there are many disadvantages of the use of cannabis, there are also some potentially useful advantages. Marijuana is a mixture of dried-out leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of the natural hemp plant that many people around the world ingest to â€Å"get high.† It is usually green, brown, or gray in color and can be ingested in different ways, such as smoking it or sometimes baking it into â€Å"edibles.† The chemical in marijuana that creates distortion or makes the user â€Å"high† is tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. The amount of THC in the plant can vary, but over the years it has increased. Louis and Anne Pagliaro em phasize that in 1974, the amount remained at 1% but in 2008, it was tested at 9.6% (â€Å"Handbook† 102-103). After smoking cannabis, one feels a sort of â€Å"high† sensation. The peak of this â€Å"high† is felt approximately 30 minutes after ingestion and wears off within two to three hours, depending on how much marijuana one smoked and how much THC is in it. While under the influence, a user may have a slower reaction time, confusion, reddened eyes, poor coordination/balance, distortion, and increased appetite, blood pressure, and heartShow MoreRelatedMarijuana Should Be Legal For Recreational Use873 Words   |  4 PagesRevised: There will be medical benefits if marijuana was legal for recreational use. Premise: Street justice related to drug disputes would be reduced resulting in less crowding in prisons. Revised: Legalizing marijuana will result in less crowding in prisons. Premise: States gain profit from taxing marijuana Revised: States benefit financially from the legalization of marijuana. Conclusion: Marijuana should be legal for recreational use. Marijuana has been used in herbal remedies for centuriesRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legal For Recreational Use?853 Words   |  4 Pagestreat. When you are addicted for long periods of time, your dependency on it is like having to breath. Without it you will die. In America even marijuana which is debatably just as harmful as tobacco and alcohol, can put you in jail from from 1-5 years for possession and 10 to life for selling or growing. Now in some states it is legal for recreational use, so this topic has gained some attention where people in other states have already been in jail for a long time for doing what someone in anotherRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legal For Medical And Recreational Use?973 Words   |  4 Pagesless risky than both. I might want to convince you on why pot ought to be lawful. It has numerous awesome reasons for existing, it s a hurtful medication, and how the economy would be a ton better if marijuana was lawful. Today we will discuss why weed needs to be legal for medical and recreational use, how weed is a harmless medication and not addicting, and how lives would be better if weed was lawful and how the economy would be better if weed was legitimate. A great many people in today s publicRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?972 Words   |  4 PagesMarijuana Legalization For thousands of years, marijuana has been used for a myriad of purposes ranging from medical use to recreational use. Although small steps are being for marijuana legalization across the country, there is still a long way to go. Some folks argue that marijuana is a gateway drug and impairs judgement, causing people to act recklessly. However, extensive studies have been conducted on the effects, risks, and benefits of marijuana, and have proven marijuana to be safer thanRead MoreEssay Astonishing Statistics of Marijuana Use in Minors1539 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion Americans ages 12 and over have reported to using marijuana at least once within the previous year. That number alone is an astonishing statistic on marijuana users. Although marijuana has been a drug with increasing popularity especially throughout the past couple of years due to the legalization in some states. In November of 2012 history was made when Washington and Colorado both legalized marijuana for recreatio nal use. Although marijuana is considered to be a Schedule 1 drug, which means itRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?997 Words   |  4 PagesLegalize It: The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Should marijuana be legalized? Many Americans have been asked this question or have heard some type of news about the issue. Marijuana is commonly known as cannabis which refers to the dried up hemp plant cannabis sativa, even though marijuana is a plant and has no chemical additives it has been a tropic of controversy for many years but nowadays it is in the spotlight more than ever. For centuries, marijuana has been used by people throughout theRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1340 Words   |  6 PagesThe argument of legalizing medicinal marijuana and marijuana used for recreational purposes has been around for quite some time now. Recreational use is when one smokes cannabis just for fun and with the intention of altering the state of consciousness while medicinal marijuana is used for treating certain maladies and alleviating their symptoms. Though marijuana use is not as harmless as many people seem to believe. Like any other drugs, marijuana can affect the body and mi nd and may have a majorityRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1456 Words   |  6 PagesPossession and use of marijuana is illegal in over half of the United States, but it is still the third most popular recreational drug in the United States. The debate for this drug to be legal has been going on for many years; some states have legalized the drug for medical use, and some for recreational use as well. Other states seem to disagree; they are not in favor of making the drug legal for medical use or recreational use. It has been proven that marijuana has a positive impact on societyRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1098 Words   |  5 Pagesyears, there has been a push, nationwide, to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. In most states, medical marijuana is legal and in some states, so is recreational. But the legalization of recreational marijuana may have detrimental effects. In the recent election, Arizona had a ballot measure (prop 205) which called for the lega lization of marijuana for recreational use. Prop 205 lost and recreational marijuana is not currently legal. However, it is likely that the advocates for this campaignRead MoreThe Legalization Of Marijuana Legalization996 Words   |  4 Pagesproductive to say the least. For example, Denver Colorado is on track to more than triple the marijuana tax revenue this year alone. $44 million was collected in 2014. In July 2015, 73.5 million was collected, while 19.6 million went to schools. A place such as Chicago could really use the legalization to help with the school system infrastructure issues they have. With a deficit of over 1.1 billion marijuana sales could alleviate both the conditions of schools themselves, as well as provide more

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Movie Analysis Cheaper by the Dozen free essay sample

He is a father of twelve children and the husband of Lillian Gilberts. He believes that a household can be run Just like a factory. 2. Who is Lillian Gilberts? She is on the side of her husband. She supports Frank in everything. The only she cant do is to punish her children. 3. How did the Gilberts manage her family? Frank is applying what he does In work In their household. He always thinks that It Is good to cooperate to each other so he keeps on practicing It to his family.He punishes his children whenever they do wrong so that they could from It. 4. In the movie, what are the noticeable contributions of the Gilberts In the field of Industrial Engineering? The story focuses on time and motion study and we know that Industrial Engineering also focuses on that. Gilberts contributed a lot on this field. We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Analysis: Cheaper by the Dozen or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We can see that the time and motion study when the Frank uses techniques Like rolling the bell so that It Is more convenient for him. What are the Important learning you had In the movie that can be used in your career? ; I learned that having time management is really important so that you will be organized in everything and you can meet your deadlines on time. 6. What are the important learning you had in the movie that can be used in your daily life? I learned that cooperation in everything is important so that you would be able to communicate with others and can develop your social life.

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The Evolution Of SEO

by Constant Content In the early 1990s, the dark ages of the Internet, the search engine was a challenge for webmasters, and they often played tricks and devised deceptions to fool it into believing the sites they built were deserving of top rankings. Frequently these tactics brought them top rankings, but the results were far from accurate. Today everything is different, and every Webmaster must deal with Google’s constantly changing algorithms. Poor quality content and subversive linking methods are part of the driving force behind Google’s â€Å"clean up the rankings† mission. Former practices, such as meta tag stuffing, invisible text, high keyword density, and hidden tags will antagonize the Google gods and a site’s rankings can plummet overnight. Businesses need to be sure that the company website evolves at the same rate as SEO does and that no remnants of the former era remain. Do Meta Tags Still Matter According to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, â€Å"You shouldn’t spend any time on the meta â€Å"keywords† tag.† He also has stated that neither Google nor any other prominent search engines continue to use the â€Å"keywords† meta tag. The â€Å"meta† description tag, however, is still important and can provide a quality snippet for Google. Write a compelling and informative description that will draw readers and result in more â€Å"clickthroughs† and possible conversions. Google frowns on exaggeration, so be sure your tag provides an accurate description of your website. Other important meta tags that are still valid in Google’s eyes include the meta â€Å"robots† tag, meta â€Å"content-type† tag, and the meta ‘’notranslate† tag. There are other meta tags you may wish to use on your website, but if Google doesn’t recognize the tags, they will be ignored. Just How Important Is Content? If you do nothing else to your website, update and improve your content. Sloppy grammar and spelling, text with no value, keyword-loaded sentences, and bulky, slow-loading graphics can mean death to your ranking. Provide substance in your content. Give the visitors to your website valuable and useable information that will keep them on your site and bring them back. The type of information that Google considers to be of value is information that is valuable and instructive. If your business sells an automotive product to the general public, having content for your website explaining the product, how it works, and how the customer can be successful using it is valuable, informative, and instructive. Google likes this type of content. If, however, your content is nothing more than a couple of keywords stuck in front of every model of car in existence and then placed in a long list, Google will not consider it valuable. Is A Blog An Asset? A blog can be a tremendous asset, provided it is well written and the content offers accurate information related to the topic of your website. Every business wants return visitors, and a regularly updated and informative blog can contribute immensely to reaching that goal. Offer your readers some inside information on your products or services. Introduce the various departments of your company and the employees who take care of customers. Add a photo of a new product, employees working, or a service being performed. Images add interest and color to your blog and enhance the visitor’s experience. The more quality content you give your visitors, the happier Google is with your website. Everything is going mobile and your website needs to as well. With so many people using their smartphones for browsing and social media, your website must be mobile friendly. Responsive web design (RWD) is the term coined to define websites with content that is easily accessible to smartphones. To find out how your site looks on the typical phone, tablet, or other mobile device, simply type in your URL on the device and see how it appears. Most sites will look completely different on the smartphone, but they should look the same. If your site does not â€Å"respond† properly on mobile devices, it needs to be updated. Google is already including RWD in its ranking results and will continue to do so as mobile technology plays a greater part in Internet visits. SEO isn’t going away, but like everything else in this world, it will keep changing as Google seeks to even the playing field for the small business owner unable to hire an SEO expert. Whether you are a large corporation or a tiny mom and pop business, you can have the same opportunities online if you offer your website visitors a quality experience.